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Beyond Me

Monday, August 30, 2010


ok, i know i have to write this post because i have a few friends who actually check this thing and care about the day to day stuff that is happening in the morse family.  Also, I know if i don't type it out now before going to bed, i will compose it in my head for a few hours before falling to sleep.

so here it is. the house that we so wanted..that we could taste...that i had decorated in my head and furnished every room even though i knew the risks..that house was rented out on friday.  the realtor called our realtor while on vacation and told her that they needed to rent out the new house to cover overhead on the property as opposed to acquiring another property (our house) through a trade deal.  our realtor pointed out, it could have been much worse...we could have gotten further into the deal and had a 400.00 inspection only to have them pull we are thankful that they pulled out before the expenses began.

but we are both sad. we both had fallen in love. i know it is the Lord blocking something that is not to be, so that feels good..but then there is a part of me that is really just disappointed.

so the next that we have had a few friends who have asked to rent our house..we are going to look at a few houses that we have spotted while driving around to see if there is any house that is a steal..that would be worth the risks involved with renting our present house out... being ultimately responsible for two properties, freaks me out a lot..but i want to be sure that we explore all possibilties.  if there is no property that jumps out at us, we will keep sitting tight at 123 :)  we will hopefully look at the other houses sometime this week.  will keep you posted.

thanks for praying.

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  1. Thanks for the udpate. That is a bummer about the house not working out. At least you know in God's perfect plan that he has something better out there for you! Sorry the waiting game continues.