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Monday, August 16, 2010


whenever my friend, julie (a fervent blog follower), writes me an email and asks me questions, i know that i am slacking on my blog :) sorry, julie :)

house update:
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we are looking into trading our house.  jack heard about it somewhere and we asked our Realtor to send out a feeler to other realtors if there was anyone who wanted to buy our house and we would buy their house...a move that folks do who want out of a mortgage payment who have moved on and need a smaller monthly payment...she found a builder who is building in a subdivision who wants to sell his most recent completed house, so he can continue with the neighborhood. we went to look at the house and loved it! 

it may be ours one day soon..or it may just be a step in this crazy process..that is definitely not being driven by us...the Lord is at work in all of this..and we want nothing more than to follow Him. I would LOVE to be able to settle into this forever home..but He knows the plans He has for us..and His are always way better than ours.

jackson boo boo update:
when jackson got his stitches out the wound was infected...yucky. since, he has healed up nicely.  we have been using vitamin e on it and sunscreen..but we are beginning biocorneum treatments which is a silocone layer that makes the scar protected and even with spf to keep it colored well.  thanks to ruthie (jack's mom)..her dermatologist suggested it.  she is paying for it, so we will try it.

wife update:
being a wife is HARD..i have felt the Lord really calling me to be a praying wife.  praying that imperfect jack will lead us well..and having faith that the Lord will use Him in his imperfections to give God glory...praying that the Lord would change me..that I would focus more on myself and my relationship with God and not as much on Jack and the things he should be doing or not doing.  i also think i would desire jack with more passion, if I weren't so focussed on his faults and shortcomings...and be more focussed on the Lord and what He is doing in and around me. i also want to have faith that the Lord changes His children in His own that I don't feel so hopeless in my internal struggles and marital struggles.

i admit i love myself way more than i love anything else..and loving any other way is a great struggle.  but God can and will LOVE His way, unconditionally and unselfishly, through these filthy rags. pray that for me and for us.

(oh and you can pray for jackson too, he started crying in the middle of this blog (at 11pm) and i went in and took his temp..he was HOT..102.04...)

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  1. couldn't see the said "invalid"...
    glad you posted so i know how ya'll are doing. miss seeing you...