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Beyond Me

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oprah's interviews of famous people always captivate me..I dvr all of them and watch them in some of my quick moments i have for myself.

just finished watching Oprah's interview of Lady Gaga...after watching such a beautiful, creative, dynamic, and thinking woman...I had a thought..well, i had lots of thoughts..but I will save one for this post.

Lady Gaga is talking about writing a song..each song/performance/idea is a 'journey' she has been through that she is trying to convey to the audience/the world..she is trying to get the world to believe the this case, the message being we were each born the way we are for a purpose..we are each special, unique, lovely..hiding self is hiding purpose.  as Lady Gaga is talking about the song/idea "Born this Way", The Lord reached through the tv screen and applied something to my heart.  Gaga said, "I hit a have to hit a nerve...if you don't hit a nerve, it won't erupt.  I am not interested in lukewarm.  I want to get you to be a part of this message that will change everything."

in some ways i am so harnessed (i say in some ways because i know lots of you know me and know lots of ways that i am not harnessed..)..example: my ear is listening as a dear friend is sharing treasures of her life..snapshots of what her life entails behind closed doors... snippets of lies she told, things she loves, things she wants, hate she harbors..i see quick glimpses of what is real in her world. in every instance where what is real plays peak-a-boo with what is presented, i quickly have a choice...address what is real or believe what is presented.  Gaga said, "I hit a have to hit a nerve...if you don't hit a nerve, it won't erupt.  I am not interested in lukewarm.  I want to get you to be a part of this message that will change everything." eruption..that is what Christ desires.  as i choose not to believe only what is presented, and I talk about/address what is real...hitting a nerve will happen. hitting a nerve scares me. hitting a nerve is what keeps me from always going there. going to that real place..talking about the reality that my dear friend is facing..eternally my dear friend is wasting away..her only joys are the joys that she is experiencing right now..that were she to die right now, she would die. be completely separated from all joy, all peace, all love..a complete separation from her Father, her Creator...i am sin makes my life about me..and i am fearful the alter of myself will be knocked down...but when Christ is my journey and not self..I am not afraid...i/He talks about what is real...i/He is not harnessed...i/He hits that nerve..He comes into me..and ultimately causes eruption. eruption within me..eruption within my friend. He is not interested in lukewarm..HE.WILL.CHANGE.EVERYTHING.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


question number 11 on our women's bible study sheet prompted this post.

it asks, "what are the most significant lessons you have learned from acts?"

like any lessons in learn them over and over again until you get to some of these lessons i am learning for the 5th or 50th time.

life doesn't always go as planned and doesn't always feel good/right...but it always goes according to God's plan and always is perfect at bringing Glory to God and bringing His children to a saving knowledge of Him.
-i can't even count the number of times paul's is arrested, detoured, or goes the long way to a place..things that just didn't make sense..if his mission was to bring the Good news to as many as possible throughout the world..but the journey made perfect sense to God.

living life has lots of perks..lots of friendships..lots of fun journeys..lots of heart aches..lots of emotional ups and downs..but the ONLY real purpose for being here is to bring God glory...spread the truths about Him to everyone who will hear us.
-paul was given his mission in acts 1..and he didn't get caught up in worshiping his circumstances, his gifts, his friends, or even harping on how hard things  In acts 28, he is still at it..telling all around him about Jesus.

if you are losing sight of your mission, you are probably not staying connected to your I was thinking about a friend who i am having trouble reaching out to..and then it hit me..i am having trouble thinking of what to say because I am not in the word studying my Father's words..and I am not praying/talking to Him about her.
-paul had lots of struggles and hard times..and he never ceases turning to His Father for direction and support. signing hymns in prison, praying, talking to God, asking those in fellowship with Christ for direction...

Acts 1:8
You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Look to Jesus, receive His power, receive His love and testify to what He is doing to those around through words and love.