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Beyond Me

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a couple of post-worthy habits

ok, so over the past few weeks, I have been developing some healthy habits.

(FYI, this list is not intended to brag..I often do these things with poor motives as if to earn a ticket of some sort...and sometimes I just skip doing these things all together because of laziness or in no way read this as an "i have arrived" blog post... 

I also don't want to make anyone feel guilty that they are not doing things on this list..I am aware of the danger of list making on a blog because I am a type A blog reader who often reads blogs and goes away from those blogs feeling guilty when others say they are doing helpful things that I am not doing.

I write this list as a help for others who may want some ideas for fun ways to remember the Truth.)

1-i have an iphone, so i was excited to find out that my bible app youversion has a "She Reads Truth" devotional that you can read through daily along with other women in the world at the same time! You don't have to have a phone either. You can read the devotional online at or at your own pace at There are many different devotional series that you can follow...the current one that women are reading right now is in preparation for Easter.  It is called "Songs of Accent".  I think today is day 18 of 18, but I am on day 11...a little behind.  But that is ok, I can still look at the conversation from day 11, if I want to see what other women had to say.  It is really a fun and organized way to read truth...and I have a neighbor who is doing it with me, so we can talk too...really.good.stuff. Subscribing to youversion and shereadstruth is free.

2-loving loving The Bible series at 8p on Sunday nights on The History Channel.  It will come to an end Easter Sunday, but if you missed the previous ones (chronological order from Genesis to Revelation)...I have it on my dvr and you can come over and watch it here OR it is on Demand OR the series will be on sale on DVD and it is WELL WORTH whatever amount of money!  I am a visual learner and it has been amazing the amount of bible knowledge I have gained..and passion for the way it all fits together that has grown in my heart...It has also led to great conversations between Jack and I and other friends, too.  fun fact: The director/creator/producer is the same guy to brought you The Voice, Shark Tank, Survivor, and Celebrity Apprentice..and his wife is the Touched by an Angel star..and plays the aged character "Mary" in the series. Good stuff and very well done special effects and acting.

3-Reading a devotional book with my 4 year old son in the morning over breakfast called, "My Time with God" by Heritage Builders.  It is a little hokey (just a little at times) and sometimes over his head, but I like the way it takes you through the whole bible in a day by day format and hits all the major stories and has good questions to keep me focused. It is easy to scaffold as I go for his age, as needed.  I would say it would be perfect for independent reading for an on grade level 2nd grader or 3rd grader, but, as I said, I am reading it to him and I can make slight modifications as I go.

All as a way to remember Him, glorify Him, keep His promises fresh in the front of my mind/heart...

Let's pray together that He may be the center of every piece of our lives, not just one of the many plates that we juggle.