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Beyond Me

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i wasn't there

this is jackson's boo boo..gash...8 stitches

the next thing i would normally do is tell you how he got it...if you asked me, i would say that he was on the backyard steps that lead to the back door and our dog followed him up the steps and because gabey doesn't do anything carefully and gingerly...gabey knocked jackson off of the steps..and he hit his head on the well and gashed it open leaving him laying in the dirt screaming with blood gushing out of his head.

however, that would just be a guess..because i wasn't there. this is where i am stuck right now. i wasn't there. i don't know what happened. i don't know how my little 21 month old son got hurt. he wanted to go in the backyard and play "gawf" with "abe-bie", so we put his sandals on and i carried him over the steep steps and put him on the ground where he ran for the golf club...i closed the back door and ran to finish up the few emails i had left to answer on the computer..then walked to the back door area to go check on him and then start i walked toward the back door, i heard him screaming and looked out to see him laying on the ground with dirt on his legs and i went out to pick him and up calm him down and then noticed blood all over his head and flowing down his face, down his nose, out of his mouth..all in his hair...flowing down his face like the sink faucet on low.

the rest of the story is not a guess because i was there..this part is so much easier to tell...the feeling of guilt isn't in the pit of my stomach as I proceed...i was there to run him to the sink to find the gash..put a compress on this head, put on my shoes, and run down the street to find a neighbor who could take me to the emergency clinic. held him in my lap in the front seat of her car with the compress on his seen immediately at the clinic, got numbing cream within minutes of arriving and as soon as the numbing cream took effect..he got put in a straight jacket where they stitched his head up quickly and we were out the door as quickly as we arrived...with 8 stitches.

i am so thankful for the Lord's protection and provision for jackson..the boo boo could have been 1 inch to the left and he would have been blind in one eye..i could have gotten caught up on the computer and wouldn't have heard him screaming at all and he could have lost tons more blood and maybe even bled to death in the back yard..the Lord gave me a neighbor that would take me to the clinic so i could keep holding the compress on the wound..the Lord really provided so richly for us.

but i wasn't there.


  1. Oh sweet Heather...I have tears in my eyes. I KNOW how you feel so well. When Samuel had his horrible accident I wasn't there either. When EK had to get her stitches, I was the one who fell with her into the tv cabinet. These things are always hardest on momma. Thankful for God's provision over little Jackson.

  2. Oh Heather...I am so sorry. I have had kids need stitches under my "watch" that are not even my own flesh and blood. And when Levi cut open his arm on a fork, I wasn't there either when it happened. But, God has been gracious to provide for us to be there when He wants us to be. You were there to find Jackson and get him the care he needed. So thankful it was not the eye too!

  3. Hope Jacksons face is healing. I am so thankful it wasn't his eye and that you were able to get to him quickly. Thinking of you friend.

    p.s. I came to the park on Friday but no one was there?