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Beyond Me

Beyond Me

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

why is something so simple so difficult for me?

the simple gospel:
my/your heart is black with sin apart from Christ
Jesus died and rose so we can have a relationship with Him despite our black sinful hearts
Everything good comes from Christ, nothing good comes from us (because of our black sinful hearts)..
We need Jesus to save us from ourselves, so we acknowledge our need
He saves us from a life of shallow emptiness and gives us a full life
The full life He promises is one of us screwing up, us turning to Him away from our sin, Him accepting/loving us, us Glorifying Him, us screwing up (the cycle is repeated over and over...) He makes us into who He intends for us to be and brings people to Himself.
The purpose of this life is to Glory Him and live with Him forever both now and throughout eternity.

Why do I have so much trouble with believing this for Jackson? I am so quick to resort to a frustrated, "Why do you keep disobeying me?? Stop!"

I don't want a child who knows all of the right things to do, but has no clue about the sinfulness of His heart and his motives.  I don't want a child who simply does all of the right things and has no clue how much He needs Jesus.  So, why do I constantly ask Him to preform without addressing his heart?

Lord, Help me to remember the simple truths found in your Word...for me and for my marriage and for my son.

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