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Beyond Me

Sunday, June 20, 2010

cute new do

before the can find more on facebook...this is unstraightened..this is what it looked like before I spent 15 minutes getting all hot and sweaty under a hair dryer...i was finally done with the craziness of my hair with jack's permission, of course..

we shall see if i can make it look like this..but i think it will be half the battle the long hair was, at least...since half of it is buzzed...ha! i LOVE it.

Here are some more shots.

Sarah, the stylist, listened..felt my head to ensure no weird shapes..looked for my cowlicks to ensure nothing weird there..was very honest about what would and wouldn't work.  Taught me how to style it different ways..AND i got a glass of white!  all for 40 bucks..umm amazing!  oh, and the girl that she cut before me got a very traditional cute bob..and so I know Sarah can do traditional well too!

Go see Sarah at Republic on "cute new do" to be directed to their website..and tell them Heather Morse sent you :) oh and tell me before you go.


  1. It looks so cute and sassy!!! Way to go being so brave and doing it because it looks great on you!!!

  2. HOLY COW! It's so daring-- and I mean that in a good way! I think it looks awesome. :)