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Beyond Me

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a week in the life

I don't normally write posts about daily life..but i had some great pictures so i thought it  would be a great opportunity to share some days with you...this is ryan j during is 30 degrees out and he has fallen asleep in the swing.

one night per week we go to a neighbor friend's house and have an evening playdate. both her and the other neighbor who comes work full time, so they have playdates at 6. We eat dinner together and then play. this is the 3 of them playing hide-and-go-seek. Jackson would keep popping up when we would come to look for

ryan j sleeping again at playgroup..this time we chose a diff swing that would support his head.

since we have chosen not to put jackson in any kind of preschool until 4 year old pre-k, i am working with him on his letters. this week we learned "J"..and he is starting to like writing/drawing, which is a big change from a month ago. my fave "j" picture is the "jumping man" his legs are disconnected at the knee to show he is jumping.

my robin hood. we found the picture of robin hood on-line and we created a costume out of clothes in everyone's closet..he loved it..

until he looked in the mirror..and saw that he didn't look authentic enough...and then he had a tantrum. (just keeping it real folks..) and he didn't want me to take any pictures of him having a he did this.

another day we played in jack's shaving cream and made letters..well, i made letters and jackson made footprints and hand prints...hey, i tried...don't tell daddy we used his shaving cream..

this is my little drummer

making banana bread for daddy..jackson's favorite thing to make. he knows what comes next without me reading the recipe.

we leave out the nuts and the sugar, and instead of butter use oil..and it is so yummy!

this is jackson reading to ryan j..telling him about dangerous bugs.

my job is the best job on the planet...not the easiest..probably the hardest..but the most rewarding!

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