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Beyond Me

Saturday, May 7, 2011

please remind me

when all of this pregnancy stuff is behind me..and i am starting to talk about doing it all again..will you remind me..

hemorrhoids (anusol and those freezer pops are the only things that bring any kind of relief and it is oh, so doesn't really count as relief--don't even ask what I do with the freezer pops)

some weird internal bruise above my belly button that covers 1/4 of my tummy that hurts ALL.THE.TIME.

the pelvic bone pain that I have had since weeks after i found out that i was pregnant that keeps getting worse and i can't even roll over in bed without loud grunting

this odd hip thing that happens that prevents me from being able to walk at certain points in the in weird position on top of my hip theory.

the crying 

sitting after dinner with acid in the back of my throat because i can't get it to go down into my stomach.

can't pick up a toy from the floor, my cell from my purse on the floor board, clothes from the inside of the washer

moments of no air when i breathe in

unable to properly be consistent with disciplining my 2 year old because he knows mommy won't run after him

sleeping on a plastic pad that moves every time i flip over for fear of ruining our new mattress that we L.O.V.E.

this ugly purple stretch mark that is drawing a diagonal line from my pelvic bone to my belly button

my son thinks that women can't pick up balls from the ground.."only daddies can do that"--bc he never remembers a time when mommy played ball with him when he didn't have to go pick it up and hand it to me

the first pregnancy was the one where I was able to power walk until the end..and felt like super woman on steroids until full term. NOT THE SECOND ONE.

please remind me

and I am sure I will say...I sure hope I will say, "it was all totally worth it."


  1. Regarding the plastic mat- you can wear some nice thick pads or depends instead...just saying... ;-)

  2. You will. I promise! Thinking of you. Just hold on and he will be there and your heart will ache with how much you love him!!!