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Thursday, April 28, 2011

joyful in hope

we are doing a romans study in small group..and last night we read romans 12.  one verse stood out to me..

romans 12:12 (new living translation) Be glad for all God is planning for you.  Be patient in trouble and always be prayerful.

my first thought was...umm, i am not "being glad"  another translation says "be joyful in hope"...i kind of like that translation better in this circumstance.  "joyful in hope"..not necessarily glad about the plans, but having joy in the hope of what is ultimately to come..and because I know that whatever He has planned is ultimately for my good and for His glory.

so when people are asking, "oh, you have a baby coming must be so excited.." and I think "no, not really..."  I am not "excited" per se..but yes, I am joyful in hope.  i know He has my best in mind..and I have a great peace that His best will bring me ultimate peace and joy.

Jesus always said it best.  His example of "being joyful in hope" when He was about to be put to death on a cross.. separated from His father..and make his ascent into Hell. Sounded like this:

John 12:27-28
(new living translation)
Now my soul is deeply troubled.  Should I pray, "Father save me from what lies ahead"?  But that is the very reason why I came!  Father bring glory to your name"

Father, my soul isn't default is to ask you to save me from the circumstances that are to come...but instead I will choose to bring you Glory..because that is the reason I am here.

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