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Beyond Me

Beyond Me

Thursday, February 17, 2011


well, here i am at 25 weeks and 5 days..yesterday.  That dang tank top is so tight
I can barely get my arms in the arm space..and my rib cage hurts when I try to
wear it for more than 5 minutes.  being pregnant is both horrible and wonderful
at the same time for me.  I hate arm fat and back fat that develops ever so quickly
as I progress in the weeks...but It makes me deeply saddened to think that I may
never feel a living baby kick the inside of my tummy at nights while relaxing on the
sofa.  Only God knows how many children are planned for us..but it makes me sad
to wonder that this may be our last.
this is my favorite home helper..J3!  He assists with laundry by going to get his
stool and putting it in front of the washer and throwing clothes in..He goes and
fetches anything I need..and always remembers where anything is that I happen
to lose.  But my most favorite thing he helps with is my weekly bread baking.
he sits on the counter and pours the various flours, salts, oils, and water into
the bread machine...and always likes to pour the brown sugar in the best..
because he always gets a "little bit". and says, "mmm..i like brown sugar, mommy."
this is jackson covering daddy with blankets and pillows to "make him cozy"
when daddy wasn't feeling well one evening.
this is where we spent valentine's weekend..before you go wondering how
in the world we afforded a weekend in this hotel and could swing eating at
lavish restaurants too..just know that one of God's many blessings in our lives
comes in the form of jack's parent's generosity and a cousin who works at this hotel
and got us a sweet deal on rates.

Every city needs one of watch a movie, eat and drink..and the
prices were good and the food was great! we saw "just go with it"..i loved it!
I love Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler no matter what they are in!

my most favorite event was room service breakfast in bed on
Sunday morning!

The best deli i have EVER enjoyed!

my choice

dolphins were everywhere

the best restaurant dinner we had in charleston..only uses
southern a historic home..oh yes..

oh yes, that is duck and cornbread in the back ground in an iron skillet
my only complaint the whole weekend was my ambition to see didn't match
my ability to hold my feet and legs would hurt so bad..and i had
to stop and pee at every corner.

this trip was incredible..all the stresses of life were taken away for 3 days and
i felt so relaxed.  jack and i related well and enjoyed each other.  it was
by the far the most desperate we have ever been to get away..but, just so
you don't get too jealous, our reentry into the real world was quite brutal
with one of the worst fights of our marriage on the way home from sc.
We are resolved..but just wanted to keep it real.

When Jackson prays over dinner he says, "God is great! God is good! Let us
Thank Him for ________." Instead of saying "for our food" he says, for (what
ever food is on our plates that he particularly likes) like last night he said, 
"Let us thank Him for sweet potatoes and orange juice".

So I will end this post that way.
God is great! God is good! Let us thank Him for:
a growing baby in my belly
an eager helper by my side
a weekend trip of a lifetime
room service breakfasts
a man who loves you to share it all with.


  1. Glad yall had a wonderful getaway and were able to enjoy each other's company!

  2. I love that you said you had a fight and "just wanted to keep it real." genuine heather, right there. yessir, genuine heather! love you!

  3. honest tea is one of my favorites!! I like to buy it at brighter day in savannah when I'm there. Looks like a great Valentine's to me!