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Beyond Me

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

keepin it real

ok, so you want is real. on friday i all of the sudden stopped being sick...i have been really nauseous all along and then BOOM friday (day one of week 10) and i went off meds and am feeling completely fine...yay! praise God! Right? well, not i am doubting my pregnancy...

why can't i just enjoy what has been revealed to me...
1. i am pregnant with a healthy baby..the dr said on week 8.6.
2. i am not sick anymore at week 10.
3. i have no other symptoms to make me think i am miscarrying.

instead i have truly convinced myself that this baby is dead. how did I get there? well, i have had friends who have had miscarriages and they stop feeling sick..i have had friends who have had miscarriages and have gone a month without anything abnormal (ie. cramping, bleeding...etc..)

I could go to the doctor and get checked, but i really don't want to..i don't want to know if the baby is dead..i don't want to find out with jack not there (he can't get there in the a.m. when they have openings...and I really want to just trust what has been revealed to me.

you can pray.


  1. praying, friend. also a good reminder that nothing we have is ours. it's all His. and he's sovereign.

  2. I'm praying for you, Heather! And sending love and hugs your way.

  3. It seems like with age and wisdom comes more worrying b/c with Weldon I was 20 and didn't worry about a thing...with Ava..I worried she would have every horrible condition there is...I just had to pray alot.

    Prayers are with you. I would just pray- live each day like everything is just fine- and not worry that it is not unless something is revealed to you. Easier said that done I know...

    Love ya

  4. Heather, I will certainly pray. I had that same fear well into the 20-weeks of my pregnancy. I understand.