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Beyond Me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

some goings and comings in descending order

for my friends who don't do facebook :)

renee' visited!

yo gabba gabba at the fox (we won assured :)

fun times at the pumpkin patch

jackson got booed (this thing they do in our new neighborhood where they drop at treat at your door at dark and run..then you have to do it to two other neighbors)

bunko ladies night at the clubhouse in boulder springs

jackson read bible on sofa with blanket (his own set up)

jackson turned two

granddaddy came to visit (my dad)

jackson got his first haircut


the shot you have all been waiting for (taken 2 weeks ago) (8 week non-baby bump)

thanks for all of your prayers and offers to visit.  I am feeling very cared for by you :) everyday is either really easy or really, feels normal..which is good :) 

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