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Beyond Me

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

printing pictures from your iphone

Haven't you always wondered how to print all of those pictures that you take with your take them, you love them, you share them on facebook.. then they kind of go into an abyss called the camera roll...well, I finally found out how to print them at a photo store!!! yay!!!

here are the steps...

ok so you go to the app store on your upload the free walgreens click on it once it is done can automatically access all pictures on your click on the ones you want to can click on 5 at a time..after uploading 5 you hit print button..then it uploads the 5 pictures...then you can always hit the back button and print more and more and more..once you are done uploading all of the ones you want to print at walgreens, then it says "would you like to upload more?" hit "no" when you are done..then an "order prints" screen comes can choose how many of each print you want and what size (i wish you could choose for each individual print, but you can't)..each 4x6 is .29 cents which is pretty pricey..but I looked for a coupon code online...used the code PRINTIT40 (good until aug 4) and got 40% off the prints. Then you choose a walgreens store to send them too..and type in your contact info. Then submit. and enjoy touching, feeling, and framing your iphone pictures..finallly!!!

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