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Beyond Me

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a story about numbers

the day i found out i was preg the number was 125
the day i got to the hospital on may 17th the number was 168
the day i drove home from the hospital on may 18th the number was 148
everyday after that day for 3 1/2 months the number was 148

yesterday the number was 147!!! yay!!!


  1. I have known you at a lot of numbers and have always thought you looked beautiful :-).


  2. Heather, I'm so glad you commented on my blog; it reminded me to check up on yours! Don't know if it's reassuring or not to you, but you and I have been tracking almost exactly the same numbers. Except I (frustratingly) have maintained that 148 February through October. :( Dropped to 144 this month, and though that's nowhere near where I want to be, it was a little victory! Anyway, it's nice not to be alone.

    Also, on your post above (the football game/clothing scenario). How well I know that feeling!!! We are so alike in that. I can lose hours (and attitude and faith and love for God and other people) obsessing over how some item of my clothing just isn't quite right. So though I hate that side to my sin, it's also nice not to be alone in that, either. It's been a little easier for me in recent years, and I think it's because I live in a place where there's less emphasis on dressing "just right." (A downside to otherwise-fantastic Athens and Charlottesville.) But I don't know how much is due to a change in my heart.

    Sure would be nice to be in the same town with you so we could leave the babies with the men and meet up for dinner.