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Beyond Me

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

whew i am back

want to share pictures
share an update on how life is with two boys
send praise to God on how great i am doing with all of the changes

but instead i just want to pick up where i you do with a friend who has been by your side through everything.

watched little red riding hood last night and a part of the movie struck me.  (very great movie for that kind of thinking that you can't stop....)  (watch the is full of symbolism and as much depth as you have time to extract..)

i don't have time to give a review of the movie or even catch you up on the story line..but there was a line in the film..that I can't find online, so I will just ad-lib.

something like
The Others..they still live on in fear, for that is all they have ever they have ever known how to live.  They stay far away from the darkness, but fear consumes them.  But I (valerie--red riding hood) live my life in the darkness because the darkness doesn't scare me.

It is a line at the conclusion of the movie..and it troubled me.  The point being we should just give into living in evil rather than living in fear of evil and what it will do to us.  But then the more I think about it today..the more I agree.

If the two options are
1. live in fear of evil, of evil people, of evil in the world, of evil within ourselves to the point of not being able to function or really enjoy life
2. live a life of enjoying evil

I choose number two..

But instead..I will choose option 3.

Living a full life of enjoying being a child of the King of life.  Rom 8:15 says "God's spirit doesn't make us slaves who are afraid of Him.  Instead, we become his children and call Him Father." I choose freedom.  I choose fullness...the opposite of fear.  A knowledge that my Father is a Father who has it all taken care of..and loves me.

Being a daughter of the King of the universe who has power over evil and chooses me to be a joy in which I want to bask.

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