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Beyond Me

Saturday, January 8, 2011

no, i am not dead

so much has transpired since I last wrote fast forward..
family drove to savannah, spent 5 days with mom, drove to sea island spent 3 days with jack's fam, enjoyed nye with them, spent 3 days alone at sea with jack and jackson, drove back, have been cleaning and organizing like a crazy woman for 3 days, jack's birthday is tomorrow..after that life goes back to a little calmer and more orderly.  which in turn may lead to more orderly blogging, posting of pictures, reading blogs..

but for now, I am not dead.  I am just living so i have more to write about when i rest.

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  1. Actually it makes me feel better b/c before you were a mom you blogged all at least I feel like I was normal all along in not being able to blog. I would love to see you one day and visit your beautiful new home.