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Beyond Me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


remember this?

well it was soooo yummy on day one!  and super duper yummier on day 4! Especially with eggs and tortilla chips...
What? (i know you are thinking..that is CRAZY TALK!)

I was reading a fun blog that i recently found and now love to read called Eat, Live, Run.   And there was a fun recipe for something called migas.  It is scrambled eggs with crunched up chips in them.

Decided to try them for lunch today.  Went to the fridge to get the eggs and saw the tomato, feta, basil salad..decided to get wild and use that as my base. 

Recipe went something like this.

put fun tomato salad in small pan to heat
crack two eggs into the pan on top of it after it has heated (i don't waist a bowl by scrambling eggs ahead of time..i just do it in the pan..i know i am a genius..ha!)
break yolks with spatula and turn eggs with salad until eggs are lightly scrambled
take a handful of tortilla chips and break into egg mixture
continue to turn until eggs are totally done
enjoy the yumminess!

forgot to take a picture in all of the excitement...but it looked something like this.

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